2 is it ever permissible to use nonscholarly resources

They have also detailed the tendency for a torture culture to develop in organisations in which torture is legalised or tolerated, a culture in which the excesses of torturing the innocent and the like take place, as in the US army detention centres in Abu Ghraib in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and in the Israeli secret service General Security Service.

Specifically, he argues that the legalization of killing in self-defence has not led to its institutionalization, and he also claims as we have seen that torturing in self-defence is akin to killing in self-defence.

For the degree of the infringement of privacy can be minimised, e. Non Scholarly Text Examples: Unfortunately, the terrorist is refusing to talk and time is slipping away.

See WalzerMiller ; Kershnar and Steinhoff In the light of the evidence it would be a massive understatement to say that historically the sub-institution of torture — whether in a lawful or unlawful form — has been no stranger to military, police, and correctional institutions. This certainly applies to articles you may find using one of the article databases in the library.

In the institutional environment described, torture is both unlawful and highly unusual. Just typing something into Google will not give you reliable results.

Further, there is now a great deal of empirical evidence that in institutional environments in which torture is routinely practised it has a massive impact on other practices and on moral attitudes. As already noted and contrary to the above-mentioned presumption, Steinhoff insists that legalization does not in fact necessarily lead to institutionalization.

Popular resources refer to the books and magazines you can find at your local bookstore, as well as many sites found on the Internet.

First, the easy ones. So the first task here is to demonstrate that these two claims are not inconsistent. However, torture proper has as its starting point the failure of coercion, or that coercion is not even going to be attempted.

In the police truck on the way to the police station: We will return to this issue in the following section. Indeed, the above-described police beating scenario certainly and the ticking bomb scenario possibly are cases in point.

Scholarly vs Popular resources for Research

Wikipedia has open publishing guidelines. Again, consider the famous case of Steve Biko who it seems was prepared to die rather than allow his torturers to break his will Arnold Surely the woman is not torturing her attacker but rather defending herself by inflicting excruciating pain on her attacker.

Sometimes we just trust the reputation of a journal or publisher, and sometimes we actually look for a statement about the review process. However, the law against desertion will not, and should not, be changed to allow desertion in such cases.Question from a non-Muslim about appropriate words of comfort/blessing.

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Question / Help Is riba ever permissible? (I.e student loans, mortgages etc.) where riba is incurred would be permissible. Do scholarly opinions exist where riba is permitted (I.e.

are there some criteria which establish hardship where scholars have ruled that riba. Basic research skills and resources in sociology and other disciplines of the social sciences including evaluating sources, journal articles, statistical information and websites. You can compare different types of familiar publications using the charts in this file.

With print resources, there are. profit educational institutions and (2) use is favored when it is applied to scholarly works of non-fiction (Howard, ; Smith, The GSU decision - not an easy road for anyone, ).

In various national and international laws, e.g., Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment (United Nations – see Other Internet Resources), a distinction is made between torture and inhumane treatment, albeit torture is a species of inhumane treatment.

What resources would you opt to use if you were unable to locate a peer-reviewed article? Why would you select these resources? Why would you select these resources?

If the article or website refers to the topic being discussed and the source is credible then it would be. Scholarly and Popular Resources Any primary resource can be a scholarly resource, so the scholarly-popular distinction is only useful for secondary and tertiary resources. Most disciplines require researchers to use mainly primary and scholarly resources.

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2 is it ever permissible to use nonscholarly resources
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