Ap physics atwood machine lab

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Keys to solving Atwood Machine problems are recognizing that the force transmitted by a string or rope, known as tension, is constant throughout the string, and choosing a consistent direction as positive.

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1 nation electronics llc communications inc ontario inc 11/30 elo touchsystems inc ontario ltd canada inc th air refueling wing. Atwood Lab. Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to determine how the ∆m and the ∑m affect the acceleration of the Atwood system. We will then use this formula for a live trial of the Atwood Machine to approximate the acceleration due to gravity on earth.

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AP Physics Lab The Atwood Machine. Discussion: The "ideal" Atwood machine consists of two masses, M 1 and M 2, connected by a massless, inelastic string which passes over a frictionless pulley.

The diagram at right shows an Atwood machine, along with a free-body diagram for each mass, and the resulting equations of motion.

Ap physics atwood machine lab
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