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Using techniques of survival in the outdoors, they clearly set a trend for the Europeans to follow, so that they could reside in this unpredictable country. Algonquians at some point also played the role of middlemen while they were exchanging goods with the Dutch.

In agriculture, "These natives, even though they seemed so primitive, had mastered agriculture in corn, melon, squash, and beans.

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Although war could erupt at times, peace still prevailed Brown, The sources provide a glimpse of Mohawk life, culture, and religion—though they depict it with heavy bias included. The Indians were the main focus of the history of New France, and influenced the Europeans in the period before The diseases suffered by the Indians were quite few in number.

Often, the youth would gather together to listen to the elders as they related the knowledge once entrusted to them when they were children Mould, The word means "ally" also referred to as "Sioux" at times.

One of the essences of the Annual Choctaw Indian Fair is to educate both the youth and adults in Choctaw cultural practices and traditions and to transmit Choctaw culture to the next generation.

The Native Americans

During the fur trade many items were traded between the Indians and the Europeans. Byless than two-thirds of Native Americans over the age of twenty-five were high school graduates compared to three-fourths of all Americans in that age range.

The Puritans felt it was their Christian duty to reach out to the lost.

Native Americans and Christianity

University of Oklahoma Press, ; Peter Nabokov, ed. The Indians, being numerous compared with the Europeans, came into frequent contact with them. One of the serious problems confronting Native American leaders is that Native Americans as a whole has achieved one of the lowest educational levels among all ethnic groups and are not doing well while attending school Lin, Removal of the Native Americans S.

The whites also saw the culture of the Indians as inferior because it differed with theirs. Educational philosophy also emphasized the importance of nature. The governance of the community was established through an agreement from all the parties concerned to have their voices heard.

One option that had always proven successful was simply to threaten to kill those who did not convert. The natives possessed qualities and traits which are essential for survival in demanding conditions and for developing strong relationships.

The Indians and Europeans traded items with one another, which led to various events and actions that contributed greatly to the history of New France. Did the Mohawk tribes actually lose all of their old customs, as the author would like to indicate?

Mary Rowlandson, ibid, p.

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Why then should we stand starving here for the places of habitation, many men spending as much labor and cost to recover or keep sometimes an acre or two of lands as would procure him many hundreds of acres, as good or better, in another place, and in the mean time suffer whole countries, as profitable for the use of man, to lie waste without any improvement.

Once it was completed, however, he allowed no one else to preach there, no doubt to the dismay of the missionaries. One can infer, that due to war, deaths, and dwindling populations in tribes, that The Five Nations banded together largely in part because they were vulnerable to attack due to these weaknesses.

Papers were published in London as tales were spreading across the colonies and amongst the new arrivals.

These tools also lasted longer and could be transported easily because of their light weight. Kinship was the basic social structure of the tradition of the Dakota people and with it were the norms and behaviors that were to be practiced by all members of the society.In the efforts to convert Native American people to Christianity, groups such as the Jesuits founded missions.

While these missionaries’ goals were to Christianize the population, and in their belief, save the native peoples’ souls—they were also in the process of erasing the culture of the tribe. American History - Christianization among Native Americans.

Native American And Native Americans Essay - Over the past century, many Native American groups have experienced social and environmental change and have had to deal with a variety of contemporary issues.

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Europeanization, Christianization and “civilizing” of Native Americans through formal education seriously undermined the very foundation of Native American cultures and alienated many Native Americans from their own cultures and environment.

Excerpt from Essay: Native Americans Dakota and Lakota people The word 'Dakota' is derived from the seven council fires (Oceti Sakowin) - or in other words, the main political units for the people of Dakota.

Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity Among Native Americans In the United States, for instance, census data reflect an extraordinary situation in that non-Western cultures are redesigning the national population.

Essay/Term paper: Native americans Essay, term paper, research paper: American History The Native Indians were among the first people to enter North America. Christianization of the Indians was a laborious task, but the effort of the Jesuits led to some successful outcomes. Champlain had .

Christianization among native americans essay
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