Lean burn combustion

Instead, precise control over fuel injection and intake flow dynamics allows a greater concentration of fuel closer to the spark plug tip richerwhich is required for successful ignition and flame spread for complete combustion.

Then it all fell in to place.

Lean Burn Oxidation Catalysts

This region may constitute an ideal location for a combustion ionization sensor to generate a reliable and consistent signal with a substantially reduced noise from flow velocities and fuel concentration fluctuations.

By this process the piston and subsequently the crank experiences a greater torque, which is also exerted over a longer time interval than its petrol equivalent.

This burning mixture was then opened to the main chamber where a much larger and leaner mix then ignited to provide sufficient power. On its downward stroke it compresses the rich mixture to about 70 psi at which time the rising pressure raises a spring loaded poppet valve off its seat and Lean burn combustion charge is squirted into the cylinder.

Now, in chemical reactions, molecules break apart and form new ones. An engine in a typical vehicle is sized for providing the power desired for acceleration, but must operate well below that point in normal steady-speed operation.

In certain embodiments shown in FIGS. In practice the mixture strength varies between about Although Petrol and Diesel engines appear similar in operation, the two types operate on entirely different principles. At the time I got it Decemberwithmilesthe system wasn't working very well, and didn't have any kind of sensor failure identification system that I could find.

In certain embodiments, a lean burn pre-combustion chamber is disclosed comprising: Eventually, for lean enough conditions, it won't be enough energy. To make the fuel molecule fall apart, they need to collide with other fuel molecules with some energy of with other oxygen molecules with more energy.

Lean burn engines

The main concern in the field is a sulfur poisoning of the exhaust gas after treatment system. The nozzle offset may be proportional to at least one of an engine cylinder bore diameter, a piston speed, a combustion chamber flow velocity and one or more charge densities.

The pre-combustion chamber may further comprise a transition length proportional to at least one of an engine cylinder bore diameter, a piston speed, a combustion chamber flow velocity and one or more charge densities.

The PCC may further include nozzles and thread arrangement The lean burn pre-combustion chamber may further comprise a stabilization length proportional to at least one of an engine cylinder bore diameter, a piston speed, a combustion chamber flow velocity and one or more charge densities.

The fuel is now injected into the cylinder and the fuel ' burn' or expansion is started at this point by the high temperature of the, now compressed, air.

Air–fuel ratio

Lean Burn was the start of the computer age. In addition, many modifications may be made to adapt a particular situation, material, composition of matter, method, operation or operations, to the objective, spirit, and scope of the invention.

Brayton describes his invention as follows: Within this movement of the piston up the bore, controlled combustion of the mixture takes place and the maximum pressure occurs just after top dead centre, with the pressure diminishing as the piston travels down the bore.

All such modifications are intended to be within the scope of the claims appended hereto. A lean-burn PCC with a nozzle offset and an induction diameter of predetermined values may generate a rotational flow combined with an axial flow resulting in a compound vortex flow pattern a-b having a primary vorticity pattern in a plane orthogonal to the axial direction and a secondary toroidal vorticity, forming a vortex ring pattern b around the axial direction.

Also under development are engine parts made of new materials that have greater heat resistancesuch as pistons made of ceramics. In practice this is never quite achieved, due primarily to the very short time available in an internal combustion engine for each combustion cycle.

We've never heard anyone speak up for actually retaining Lean Burn. Honda[ edit ] Honda 's CVCC engine, released in the early s models of Civicthen Accord and City later in the decade, is a form of stratified charge engine that had wide market acceptance for considerable time.

Combustion Characteristics

Air—fuel ratio AFR [ edit ] The air—fuel ratio is the most common reference term used for mixtures in internal combustion engines. This particular characteristic may prevent the autoignition of the liquid droplets which are known to cause combustion instability in high power density engines.A lean burn internal combustion engine wherein a basic fuel injection amount is calculated, to which a lean correction factor is multiplied, which is calculated from a.

The Lean Burn system was an early spark advance control system (introduced in and continuing to the s) that was troublesome due to the nature of the contemporary electronic components, as well as the yards of vacuum hose and competent mechanics needed to keep it working. Potential Revisions to the Nonroad Engine Regulation Citations in the NSPS for Stationary Internal Combustion Engines.

The EPA is providing a draft of potential revisions to the Stationary Engine NSPS that will update references to legacy regulations for nonroad.

Lean burn engines

Emission Control Technology for Stationary Internal Combustion Engines July 2 characterized by excess fuel in the combustion chamber during combustion. A lean-burn engine, Emission Control Technology for Stationary Internal Combustion Engines engines.

Title: Lean-burn engine technology increases efficiency, reduces NOx emissions Author: Cummins Power Generation Subject: Engine-powered generators fueled by natural gas reduce the amount of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and, with a more efficient combustion process, produce more power from the same amount of fuel.

The lean-burn system improves the pre-mixing of fuel and air prior to ignition – delivering a more complete combustion of the fuel and, as a result, lower NOx and particulate emissions, both of which are increasingly important to airline customers in terms of operating .

Lean burn combustion
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