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In some countries, such as India and Chinain which it is financially or legally unfeasible to raise many children and boys are valued strongly over girls, ultrasound has frequently been used to identify female fetuses, which are then aborted.

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Ultrasound technicians spend a lot of time on their feet and on the move, a relief for those who do not want a job sitting behind a desk.

Breast sonographers concentrate on breast tissues, primarily to detect the presence and progress of breast cancer. This is probably the most famous utilization of ultrasound, but there are so many other uses for this powerful technology as well.


The median annual income for sonographers in the U. Techs who work in radiography or sonography sometimes cross-train in both fields.

It played down "differences" with statistical significance arguments: Subscriptions are available for Townsend Letter, the Examiner of Alternative Medicine magazine, which is published 10 times each year. Exposure to ultrasound is thought to be harmless, so few states require diagnostic medical sonographers to be licensed, according to the BLS.

Ultrasound Demand Basic education for a diagnostic medical sonographer includes an associate degree, although one-year certificate programs are available through some technical institutes. These concerns are supported by most modern science, though, to date, that science has not been acknowledged by the dominant politic.

The echo patterns are shown on the screen of an ultrasound machine, forming a picture of body tissues called a sonogram. Performing a quality ultrasound requires a well-trained operator who can correctly position the patient and record accurate images, distinguishing the normal anatomy from the abnormal.

Radiology imaging involves the focused application of radiation, while ultrasound technology uses sound waves to create medical images.

Ultrasound Technician All you need to know about ultrasound technicians, their job description, salary, educational requirements, schools and more.

How to Become an Ultrasound Technician

Critics argue that the exponential rise in autism incidence is largely the result of fetal exposure to ultrasound. Duties of Sonographers A medical sonographer begins her day by inspecting and preparing the machine to ensure it is in working order.

What Is the Difference Between an Ultrasound Technician & a Medical Sonographer?

It admits a dilution of its results by its economy of design. Most states require radiologic techs to be licensed or certified, because they work with potentially harmful radiation. Despite these results, the use of ultrasound during pregnancy is almost universal at the beginning of the twenty-first century in most of North American and Western Europeand quite common in other places as well.

The median annual income for sonographers in the U. DUS is not natural sound. Education The education requirements for radiography techs vary by state. In the United States by the late s, many physicians also claimed that sonography provided the psychological benefits of reassuring parents that the fetus was healthy and providing an opportunity for "bonding" with the fetus.

Radiography techs are trained to operate medical equipment that uses X-rays and other types of radiation. That earlier technology is now admitted to be hazardous; however, it took decades for that knowledge to become public.

What was described by WHO as an unacceptable risk three decades ago is now a much greater risk because the FDA has since raised allowed machine intensities by a factor of 8x15x. Technology The primary difference between radiography and ultrasound is the technology used to produce medical images.

Techs who work in radiography or sonography sometimes cross-train in both fields. The agency projects demand for diagnostic medical sonographers to exceed that for radiology techs between and Learn how to write a good research on Ultrasound.

Ultrasound hinges on the skill of the operator, which means that ultrasound technicians must arm themselves with a strong knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, as well as mastery of the technology itself. The demand and wages for sonographers tends to be higher than for radiologic techs, according to the U.Other job titles for this occupation include ultrasound tech, diagnostic medical sonographer, or sonographer.

Ultrasound technicians work directly with patients and physicians. They may specialize in obstetric and gynecologic, abdominal, breast, vascular, or cardiac sonography.

Obstetric Ultrasound in the Developing World: An Advance in Prenatal and Maternal Health, or A Facilitator of Gender Selection?» Writing Program» Boston University. (n.d.). Antos, L., Emord, P., Luquette, B., McGee, B., Nguyen, D., Phipps, A., Phillips, D., Helguera, M., “A 3D Fluorescence Imaging System Incorporating Structured.

Skin Research and Technology ; 7: Chen L, Dyson M, Rymer J, et al. The use of high frequency diagnostic ultrasound to investigate the effect of hormone replacement therapy on skin thickness. Skin Research and Technology ; 7(2): Pro-life proponents, by contrast, embrace the fetus as the symbol of their struggle.

They have employed ultrasound technology in the film The Silent Scream in order to highlight the personhood of the fetus and they use fetal imagery in their advertising campaigns.

Karol K. Weaver. Bibliography. Busch, A. (). Ethical fervor and the graphics of choice. How Long Does it Take to Become an Ultrasound Tech? What’s a Typical day Like for an Ultrasound Technician?

New graduates will typically work in hospital settings.

Radiology Tech vs. Ultrasound Tech

Shifts are normally eight hours, and in that time you could expect to perform ultrasounds, with paperwork and documentation required for each.

Ultrasound tech bibliography
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